Are you a Water Operations Expert Looking for a Challenge?

WaterTalent was founded on a simple premise: a clean and reliable water supply can only be ensured through experienced and knowledgeable water operations talent.

To that end, WaterTalent is made up of experts—individuals that have developed their knowledge through years of hands-on experience, having faced and solved operations challenges day in and day out. When you join the WaterTalent team, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase the talents and expertise you’ve developed over your career. Your ideas will be heard as you help fellow plant operators resolve process and compliance challenges with your technical knowledge and practical experience.

We’re building relationships with the best water operations talent in the industry—right now. We want only the most talented, experienced and enthusiastic water and wastewater professionals, who get excited about a new challenge.

Flexible Opportunities

WaterTalent team members can maintain any level of current employment and are able to determine their own degree of flexibility and availability:

  • Pursuing placements as infrequently or as often as they like
  • Currently-retired team members may choose full-time, or long-term assignments
  • Currently-employed team members, full-time or part-time, may choose partial assignments or those lasting only a few days, accepting assignments within shift rotations or during paid time off

Team members may also opt for special WaterTalent SWOT Team (Strategic Water Operations Talent) opportunities—short-notice assignments for facilities in need of immediate guidance to resolve process upsets or operational issues.

Premium Compensation

WaterTalent provides team members with highly-competitive compensation, including:

  • Premium hourly pay rates
  • Reimbursement of all travel expenses and per diem allowances
  • A daily cell phone and/or computer reimbursement
  • Reimbursement for required safety equipment not provided by the client

Team members also have the opportunity to earn additional income through the unique WaterTalent revenue sharing program.

Professional Development

WaterTalent team members may submit for placements that are of specific interest and WaterTalent schedulers work to ensure individual skills meet client needs. WaterTalent provides assistance in the development of a professional resume and bio, along with personalized WaterTalent business cards.

Team members have access to:

  • Continuing education credits
  • A quarterly newsletter focused on current water industry issues
  • WaterTalent members-only webinars and conferences

Administration and Support You Can Count On

Every member of the WaterTalent team receives support throughout each step of our process to ensure successful engagements. We will provide all of the necessary administrative support to ensure you can focus on meeting our clients’ needs without worrying about administrative details. Travel arrangements, insurance, time sheets, invoicing, etc. – we have it all covered for you.

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