A: Absolutely. WaterTalent works within its members’ existing commitments and schedules, and has both short- and long-term opportunities available. We can even work within your PTO or shift schedules to help you find new professional challenges without jeopardizing retirement or health benefits.
A: The current employment status of our members ranges from full-time employment to fully-retired. As long a member’s state certification remains valid, we seek to accommodate all levels of deployment interest, including frequency of assignments and duration. WaterTalent presents its members with deployment opportunities, but acceptance of any individual assignment is up to you.
A: Some assignments will be more paperwork-intensive than others, such as compliance support engagements or standard operating procedure reviews. As always, it’s up to you whether or not to accept such an assignment. And while there will always be some level of paperwork required (we provide a concise WaterTalent Deployment Report at the end of each engagement) the team at WaterTalent works hard to ensure you are focused on what you do best – solving operational challenges.
A. Currently, WaterTalent is operating only in the US.
A. In addition to premium compensation rates, all travel, lodging and work-related expenses will be covered.
A. After a successful initial screening process, WaterTalent is going to ask for your resume, verification of your valid water licenses and professional references. Upon a decision by WaterTalent that you would be a valuable addition to the team, you will receive a full on-boarding package for completion prior to your first assignment.
A. WaterTalent is not currently seeking full-time operations talent and is not a recruiting firm seeking to simply place individuals in jobs. Our mission is to function as an industry-wide resource with the ability to pair operators with the specific skills that clients require for the time period that they are required.
A. Absolutely. But this is not simply about numbers for us. WaterTalent seeks only the best operations talent for its deployments.


A: WaterTalent has the deepest pool of operations talent available in the industry and will identify the right resource to provide “operations credibility.” In addition, we can arrange to provide the right operations resources to help you start-up and commission that ion exchange system as well.
A: WaterTalent can identify an operations expert with the specific experience and certification that you require, and can have that individual (or individuals) available for as short or as long as you need.
A: Call us at 424-832-7217 to discuss the specifics of your situation and we’ll have WaterTalent member on their way within 24 hours.