A: Absolutely. waterTALENT works within its operator’s existing commitments and schedules, and has both short and long-term opportunities available. On occasion, you can even opt to use some of your PTO or off-days to help utilities in need.
A: The current employment status of our operators ranges from full-time employment to fully-retired. As long as your certification(s) remains valid, we seek to accommodate all levels of deployment interest, including frequency of assignments and duration. waterTALENT presents its operators with deployment opportunities, but acceptance of any individual assignment is ultimately up to you.
A. Currently, waterTALENT is operating only in the US, but that could change tomorrow.
A. A full temporary relocation package is included any time you travel for waterTALENT. This includes housing, per diem, travel logistics, and reimbursable work-related expenses for the entire duration of your temporary assignment regardless of how far away the client site is.
A. After a successful initial screening process, waterTALENT is going to ask for your resume, verification of your valid certifications and professional references. Upon a decision by waterTALENT that you would be a suitable fit for a client’s need, you will receive further instruction on next steps.
A. waterTALENT’s focus is to provide critical and supplemental operations expertise on a temporary/interim basis to utilities in need. If you find yourself active on a temporary assignment and the client has revealed they would like to hire you, that will 100% be your choice to accept.
A. Absolutely. But this is not simply about numbers for us. waterTALENT seeks only those who are truly dedicated to this industry.


A: Our operators are a mix of active, semi-retired, and retired top level operators throughout the US. Our operators find us through a combination of industry organizations, word of mouth, and other recruiting methods. With waterTALENT having established itself as the reputable premier provider for temporary water/wastewater operations support, waterTALENT receives applications daily from operators all across the world looking to become part of the waterTALENT team.
A: waterTALENT has the deepest pool of operations talent available in the industry and will identify the appropriate operator to provide the necessary expertise for whatever type of system you have. In this capacity, waterTALENT operators may serve as operator of record/technical expert and serve as the point-person for all things directly tied to your specific water/wastewater system.
A: waterTALENT will identify an operations expert with the specific experience and certification that your system requires and can have that individual (or individuals) provide the crucial supplemental support for as long as needed. This person would then arrive at your utility on a mutually agreed date/time.
A: Yes. Feel free to reach out directly for more specifics on how waterTALENT serving as your Operator of Record works.
A: waterTALENT has the highest insurance coverages in the industry which includes:

  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Pollution Liability
  • Excess Umbrella Coverage
A: Absolutely not. Our goal is to help you flex through periods of time designed just like this where you don’t necessarily know what the future holds. We work around your needs and whether you need temporary support for 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years, we’ve got you covered.
A: Though we are far from a traditional staffing agency, if it is in the interest of both the City/District and the waterTALENT operator to entertain the idea of full-time employment, then we will go ahead and help to facilitate this. A standard acquisition fee will incur and they will then become your operator, not ours.
A: Call us at 424-832-7217 to discuss the specifics of your situation and we’ll have a waterTALENT representative directly reach out to you. Or, visit here and fill out our online requisition form