Operator Testimonials

Are you curious what it’s like to work with waterTALENT? Find out below where you can get a glimpse as to what actual waterTALENT operators have to say about their experience working with waterTALENT on temporary assignments. The responses come from a multitude of different operators spanning from 8 to 40 years of experience in the industry across both water & wastewater, with most having multiple waterTALENT assignments under their belt

What do you enjoy most about working with waterTALENT?

“I really enjoyed the resourcefulness and helpfulness of waterTALENT staff during onboarding and employment.”

“Working new places with diverse sets of responsibilities. The satisfaction you get when you’re able to make a difference. It gives me personally a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The staff at waterTALENT is kind and very supportive which makes transitioning to a new assignment a breeze.”

“The opportunity to work at a different facility and learn how that utility operates the plant was what I appreciated the most.”

“With waterTALENT I am always learning some new and different methods and treatment techniques.”

“I really love how much waterTALENT cares about their operators.”

“Pleasant and flexible staff, easy to understand contracts, adequate pay and perks, timely pay and easy time reporting.”

“Very organized, easy to manage jobs, clear on tasks.”

“Flexibility. Each job has a unique challenge.”

What benefits do you see working as a temporary operator vs regular full-time employment?

“Working with waterTALENT sharpens your skills as an operator and provides networking opportunities.”

“Temporary assignments are a way to earn supplemental income and gain some very relevant skills that you might not be able to get if you were full-time somewhere else.”

“With waterTALENT you are on your own schedule working in areas where your knowledge and experience will be utilized, whereas not all water companies use the same techniques or methods. waterTALENT offers the opportunity to gain experience in new areas which can only make you more well-rounded.”

“For retirement, working temporary assignments is my preference as it provides maximum flexibility. I can choose assignments that provide a location and duration that meet my needs.”

“You are always learning to adapt to a different work environment and meeting new people in the industry that I can reflect on the same technological level that I am passionate about. I would not have gotten the opportunity to experience this at a full time job. Being retired from full time work also has it’s financial benefits as well.”

If retired, how does waterTALENT accommodate your post-retirement life?

“I am retired from Federal service but am still interested in staying in the game. I enjoy the work that I do and receiving a paycheck doesn’t hurt either!”

“waterTALENT provides the benefit in retirement of accommodating priorities. I can still enjoy the retirement lifestyle while staying in touch with the water industry through temporary assignments.”

“I appreciate the flexible assignment conditions and the effort made to utilize my RV during work assignments.”

“Once again, the flexibility! Enjoying retirement and helping out where I can is extremely rewarding.”

If not retired, how does waterTALENT accommodate your goals & objectives?

“waterTALENT has provided me an opportunity to make a difference in my life by feeling a sense of purpose. I’ve made good friends and have accomplished everything the municipality originally came to waterTALENT to provide which gives me pride.”

“It allows me as an individual to network with different water plants and get my foot in the door to eventually prove myself as a seasoned water treatment operator.”

“waterTALENT served as a good interim position for me. I set a goal during my tenure with waterTALENT to obtain employment within a commutable distance of my home.”

“By working with waterTALENT, I can contribute to the water industry by sharing my years of experience and knowledge with different water agencies. It is very rewarding to go into an agency and train staff in water treatment to help prepare the generation of water utility managers, operators and workers.”

“I am able to put my skills and knowledge to work and build a better future for not only myself but other utilities out there in need.”

Talk a little bit about your experience on any waterTALENT assignment which you have completed or are currently on.

“During my first assignment, I sharpened my wastewater treatment operator skill set while employed with waterTALENT.”

“I really enjoyed the experience I gained while working at a microfiltration plant for the first time in my life. The District staff was very professional, and gave me the training tools I needed to succeed. Although my assignment naturally came to an end, I would not hesitate to return should they need me again. In addition, the location was absolutely beautiful!”

“Each job has had a lifetime of experiences with people and technology that has helped me grow into a better person as a whole. I always look forward to the next challenge because it has been a blast.”

“Currently I’m working with a Water Treatment Supervisor who is retiring and wants to have an experienced Supervisor that will transition whomever is chosen to replace him. My responsibility is to provide guidance and knowledge for a new Supervisor or mentoring a lead operator who may be chosen for the job. My sole purpose is to ensure the city hires a competent, responsible and caring individual that they are completely satisfied with.”

“The last assignment I completed with waterTALENT was serving as interim Water Treatment Plant Manager. It was during a capital improvement project to expand the finished water reservoir capacity as well as filter rehabilitation for the air scour system and media replacement. A primary goal was to mentor the Plant Superintendent and prepare them for the Manager position.”

“At this point I’ve had seven waterTALENT assignments. I particularly enjoy opportunities where I am able to provide mentoring to younger operators”

“From the first to the last day of the assignment, I felt appreciated and respected. It was great. One of my best experiences.”

Have you ever worked with another waterTALENT operator? If so, what was that experience like?

“Yes, I learned something new every day from another waterTALENT operator while keeping it interesting and engaging to ask away.”

“I must say my time working for waterTALENT has been great and very rewarding.”

“I worked with another waterTALENT operator on my last assignment. I was able to gain so much experience and help from our long conversations while working the night shift. It was great to learn so much in such a short time period. I was able to ask questions of someone that had been doing this job for many more years than I have. I really learned a lot.”

“Yes, I had someone that I was able to get knowledge from that had retired fairly recently as a CPO for a very large utility. We worked together on getting all we needed to run an MBR plant.”

What kind of advice/info would you have for an operator interested in working with waterTALENT?

“You will be met with optimism and great attitude.”

“If you are new to the water industry and looking for work to gain experience, this is where you want to start. Even if you are not new to the industry and are looking for a change of pace, waterTALENT can be a resource for you as there are so many small/large utilities out there that you just might get assigned to.”

“Retired but still interested in staying current in the water industry? Then waterTALENT is the place for you. You will have optimum flexibility for choice of assignments and locations.”

“Take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of different plants and make new work acquaintances”

“Enjoy getting paid for something you love to do!”

“You will be put into certain circumstances, and you will grow as an operator. You will be given opportunities that you would not find anywhere else. It really is the best thing I have done for my career.”

“Perfect opportunity to get ahead in water/wastewater. Also, a perfect way to set your goals higher than you had intended.”

Is there anything else notable about working with waterTALENT?

“The thing I like most is the staff at waterTALENT cares about your concerns and needs. If there is a problem, the staff will do the utmost to resolve things in a timely manner.”

“I have been in some of the most amazing places because of waterTALENT – They are simply the best out there! Also, it doesn’t hurt, you get some really cool gear when you start.”

“I have been fortunate to work with waterTALENT from the company’s infancy, so to speak. I always enjoy the professional and courteous interaction of staff and coworkers. My favorite part of the job is working with operators who are open to mentoring and have been happy to assist them in passing their certification tests while on the job. The future of this industry is in their young and capable hands and I for one appreciate not just occupying a space so to speak but being a part of the team at any job assignment.”

“Very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with waterTALENT and learn different types of treatment facilities and understand how everything works, and most importantly to help the environment for a better tomorrow. I can honestly say I will and can depend on waterTALENT to help me supplement and advance my career in this field.”

“Tyler, Gordon and Barbara are a joy to work for and with. Thanks for all the support!”

“The experience that I gained working for waterTALENT for just under one year was just what I needed to get my CA T4. I can’t tell you how happy that made me! And since that time, I have been able to upgrade my choices of work assignments as a result.”

“waterTALENT has always been very receptive to not only the client’s needs but mine as well. Much better than any employer I have ever worked for.”