Case Studies

Mid-sized Public Wasetwater Utility

About This Case

A county water agency needed to update their operational and safety procedures, but didn’t want to divert staff time away from other critical operational tasks. One of waterTALENT‘s senior water operators was brought in to provide consulting services; he conducted staff interviews, reviewed current procedures and provided recommendations for future operations.

Operator Experience

  • 38 years experience
  • Top certification in Water Treatment, Professional Geologist
  • Final position: Water Operator “A”


  • 1 month of facility evaluation/review
  • On-going support to County to address any questions contained within finalized report


  • Upon successful completion of plant evaluation was requested to evaluate two separate water treatment plants within the County


“They provided valuable temporary support at a time of need.” – Humberto Molina, Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor for the City of Madera