Why Water and Wastewater Operators Want To Be Taken for Granted

When you woke up this morning and turned on the faucet, did water flow out? Of course, it did. (Silly question, right? Just stick with us.)

Did you brush your teeth? Did you shower and wash yourself? Did the toilet flush? Let’s hope so. You probably never gave it a second thought.

Now stop and think for a moment…

How do you know your water is safe?

Every day we trust people we’ve never met to do their jobs responsibly and diligently. Some of the people we rely on most—and think about least—on a daily basis are our local water and wastewater operators.

Operators of water plants and wastewater treatment facilities may work for as many as 25 or 30 years before retiring. And if you never hear their names, if you never know where your local water plant or wastewater treatment plant is located, that’s actually a good thing. It means the people doing those jobs have done their very best.

The press likes to report leaks

Seldom does the press write a story about a well-run water or wastewater plant. But you can bet that if there’s a problem at a water or wastewater plant, or the water quality is poor, you’ll hear about it. Just like you’ve probably heard about the water in Flint, Michigan. (A story that requires its own blog post.)

In operators we trust

Whether you realize it or not, you’re relying on professional water operators protect your water everyday. They have an immense responsibility and difficult balancing act: treat the water enough to remove dirt, pathogens, viruses, and contaminants, but don’t treat the water too much and risk creating cancer-causing disinfectant byproducts such as bromate or Trihalomethanes (THMs).

A professional water treatment plant operator understands all this and limits carcinogens and other chemicals to safe levels so they don’t come out your tap.

Here’s to your good health

Consider your drinking water. Suppose it had contaminants that could harm you. How would you know?

Every day you place your trust into the hands of people you’ve never met. You have to believe that somebody cares.

That’s where water and wastewater operators come in. We are those people. We care.

Our mission is to ensure that you never have to give a second thought to the quality of the water coming out of your tap or shower. Ever.

waterTALENT is the interim staffing agency dedicated to keeping America’s water and wastewater treatment facilities operating effectively and in compliance.

Currently the only organization providing water facilities with top-caliber, peer-approved operations talent, waterTALENT personnel arrive on site with all the necessary insurance coverage and licenses, along with the skills, experience, and expertise to precisely fulfill plant requirements, deployed in as little as 24 hours.

For directors and hiring managers seeking additional information, or operators seeking new opportunities please complete the waterTALENT contact form, or call us at (424) 832-7217.