Our Talent

The WaterTalent team is comprised of the most talented, experienced and enthusiastic water and wastewater professionals in the industry. All operators have been identified, screened and interviewed by our operators resulting in the only peer-approved talent pool available in the industry.

WaterTalent¬†currently has more than 40 team members–and continues to grow! Greater than 90% of our members are California Grade 5 certified with an average of 26 years of water/wastewater experience.

Examples of Team Member Roles and Titles

  • Plant Supervisor
  • Facility Superintendent
  • General Manager
  • Senior Plant Operator
  • Lead Shift Operator

Areas of Expertise

  • Conventional surface water treatment
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Micro-Ultra-Reverse Osmosis membranes
  • Ion exchange treatment
  • Enhanced coagulation chemistry
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Stormwater treatment
  • Systems troubleshooting
  • Disinfection optimization
  • Total organic carbon reduction
  • System control and data acquisition